Lockdown productions. Projects realized during the quarantine.

Lockdown productions. Projects realized during quarantine.

NIKE Presents: INSIDERS Episode 1 with Antonio Colomboni

Creative Production Company | C41
C41 Creative Directors | Leone and Luca A. Caizzi (L+L)
Nike Creative Director | Christian Lopez
Executive Producer | Tiwirayi Magwenzi
Director | Marco Viganò
Line Producer | Beatrice Lebrun
We worked together with Dude Frame on the production of the first Episode of INSIDERS, a series of encounters with the main creative voices of our times. This content will populate the Nike App through different formats.

1st episode we have a designer/art director: Antonio Colomboni.

Flos Archive by Alecio Ferrari

Executive Producer | Leone Balduzzi
Photographer | Alecio Ferrari
Art Director | Simone Piermaria
Set Designer | Patrizia Gatto
Digital Operator | Alessandro Biasotto
Lighting Assistant | Luca Baldini
Trough the eyes of C41, the photographer Alecio Ferrari and thanks to the art direction by Simone Piermaria, Flos casts an original point of view over its own archive. Framing and explaining Today trough a fresh look towards its heritage and story.

Talking to the Universe - C41 x Sophie Usunier

Creative Production Company | C41
Artist | Sophie Usunier
Friend and supporter | Flos
Executive Producer | Barbara Guieu
Creative Producer | Alessandro De Agostini
Creative Director | Leone Balduzzi
C41 Magazine Editorial and Creative Director | Luca A. Caizzi
C41 Magazine Head of Content | Riccardo Fantoni Montana
Art Project Coordinator | Rossana Ciocca #artcitylab
Music | Gianluca Di Ienno “Pianologues” © MU74 - 2020
Directors | Leone, Massimiliano Bomba, Luca A. Caizzi and Francesca Pavoni, Iacopo Carapelli, Beatrice Lebrun, Vittoria Elena Simone
The project #TalkingToTheUniverse by artist Sophie Usunier feels like a game, as often happens in the world of art. Sophie invites us to transform our words into light, and the houses we live into displays open to the street. It doesn’t take much: a lamp and Morse code.

La Frangia by Vittoria Elena Simone

Director | Vittoria Elena Simone
Introspective reflection on the bangs aesthetic during a historical moment in which being advised by hairdressers is a distant memory. A guide on how not to worry about being labelled into a specific category of girls.